Dear Readers: This Woman Needs Your Advice

Sept 30, 2011 – In response to a Post titled ” Do Religious Differences Really Matter in A Relationship ?

A visitor posted a comment in regards to a challenging situation she is facing in her relationship.

Read her message below and kindly give your opinion. Thank you


we met here in europe am axtian while hs a muslim at fist i didnt think religion can ,tbe a barrier but now religion is the problem am facing in my house right now he stop me frm going 2 church 4d past 13yrs am always at home every sundaybut during ramadan i fast with him woke up middle of dnight cook 4 him we d hope that he will chng his mind but nohe want me 2 be amuslim by force althoug he didn.t marry me in anywhere talkless of given me a ring he control me and each time we hv misunderstand he raining abusive word on me even as at this moment we are not in good timme4 d past 4weeks he did not marry me either in d church or any mosque pls ur reply is urgently needed


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