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Voting for the lesser of two evils

Illustration of the "which way" concept, with a businessman standing on an arrow sign with two opposite directional signs and a question mark over his head.

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Which way concept, businessman standing on an arrow sign with two opposite directional sign.

"The lesser of two evils" is a phrase we hear a lot during election cycles. Why is that? This hour, we look to philosophy, the polls, and forensic psychiatry to explore the meaning of this idiom.


  • Lakshya Jain: Partner at the election analysis website
  • Julia Maskivker: Professor of Political Theory and Political Science at Rollins College in Florida. She wrote the book “The Duty to Vote.”
  • Dr. Michael Welner: Forensic psychiatrist and chairman of The Forensic Panel

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Colin McEnroe and Dylan Reyes contributed to this show.

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