Nigerian Man, Chika Nwafor Who Married a Germany White Man Latest News shared the news of Chika Nwafor, a Nigerian man who married a German man. In the last report, people thought its a marriage of convenience though, he proudly took his German Husband home to Nigeria.

In this latest interview, Chika’s revealved that since birth, he has always preferred Men to women.

Below is the Excerpt from the short interview

When did you find out you’re gay?

I found out that I’m Gay since I knew what is wrong and right. I can say that I was born Gay and to be sincere with you, anyone who tells you that he finds out that he is Gay after he passes his teenage age is not real Gay or the person may be into it through friends or school that he attends.

Being Gay is not life one could wake up and say he will choose to live, being Gay is just the same way being straight and bisexual – it is people’s lifestyles.

I noticed that I’m Gay as a child; I used to dance with young girls, play with them, I was not into manly or boyish things. My parents knew me the way I knew myself; when I noticed it in secondary school I thought I was left alone in the whole world as I couldn’t find a friend, so I started hiding my feelings and character, I tried everything possible to know if I can change my lifestyle but it wasn’t possible.

To view the picture of Chika Nwafor and his gay Husband, Click Here

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