Nigerian Girl, Nnenna Eronini hits 6ft at Age 11

Nnenna EroniniNnenna Eronini

Nov 7, 2011 –  A London based young Nigerian girl  by the name of Nnenna Eronini has reached an amazing 6ft height at the age of 11.

As seen from the above photo, she is almost as twice as tall as her classmates.

In fact, the youngster is at least 14in taller than any other girl in her Year Eight class.

Her Mum Christiana, 44, East London — who is just 5ft 7in — said: “She isn’t self-conscious about it at all.”

Nnenna Eronini

Nnenna, now 12, hopes to become a catwalk model. No doubt she’ll reach the top.

She is definitely going to be a giant if she continues growing at this rate

Photo by : Kevin Sandland Photography

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