Nigerian Gay Man Chika Nwafor Schwartz: I’m Not Into Women. I love men with hairy chest

First Openly Gay Nigerian Man Chika Nwafor Schwartz – I’m Not Into Women, I Love Men With Hairy Chests

A while back, searched with you a brief interview with first ever openly gay Nigerian Man named Chika Nwafor who took his German white Husband home to Nigeria few weeks ago.

Here is the last part of the interview conducted by Nollywood Gossip with Chika Nwafor with Live Online With Delia. Read the first part of th interview here

Why did you decide to marry that far, are there no other Gay men in Nigeria?

Well in Nigeria, Gay men are force to marry women, which makes them live as if they are under some control, and they are not free at all in their lives. And the fact is that I don’t want Bisexual or want to associate with those who post picture of their wives and kids and still go around picking kids [boys] on the street to sleep with.

Many married men in Nigeria are either Gays or Bisexual and I can’t pretend please. And the biggest barrier is that Nigeria has not legalized Gay.

Are you guys married now?

Yes we are married since 2010.

Have you ever dated a girl before?

I have tried such but it did not work for me, so I pretend that it never happened.  More also, my course mate in school naked herself in front of me one day and started touching me, but to my surprise my manhood never stood, it just felt like I was with my sister.

I’m not into women, I love men with hairs on their chest, and I don’t like plump men or fat ones.

I admire men that are fit, slender, athletic or lanky, I admire men with manly voice and act like men, but must be Gay and must also have nice Long dick.

Are you the man or the woman?

I’m the woman sorry, that is to say I’m Bottom.

Was it your choice to be the woman?

Well some are born that way and I love it ok. I love to satisfy someone and it makes me happy being sure that the man is ok and glad.

What was your family’s reaction when they met your man?

Well before my family met my man, I have already been having contacts with them and addressing him as my friend till I summoned up courage to be open to them. At first it was like a joke, but later they have nothing to say as they accepted me the way I am, as long as I didn’t kill anyone or did something to put them in trouble, after I explained everything to them, I started to live my life the way I was created on earth.

They accepted him now, and besides he is a nice man with a wonderful soul, and I’m so happy I met him.

Since gay is not legalized yet in Nigeria, where will you be living with your man, in Nigeria or in Germany?

Well, we visited Nigeria but not living in Nigeria. I have no intension to live in Nigeria since it’s not legalized.

I respect them with their rules, but I’ll live here in Germany with my man; I live my life the way I am and not what people want me to be.

Is being gay really against the law in Nigeria, could someone go to prison for that, or is it just that the society do not accept that?

Go online and read about Nigerian law against gay, and even when the list has been passed to the society.

 How about having kids, have you ever thought of having children of your own?

Yes, I am going to adopt, and I see nothing against giving them a well upbringing. So by ending of July we are going to adopt a kid as the papers are completed now.

And beside what about those men and women that are married and have no issues, have they killed themselves?

We wishes you the best.

Thanks very much.

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