How To Find A Good Nigerian Woman

Hey guys,

Someone sent me an email a while ago with a classifieds and it reads

“My name is uche, I am a hardworker, I will love to find a nice Nigerian woman on your site, please post my ad”

I was surprised because I never ask anyone to send me an email when looking for a wife.

This is what provoke me to action to write this magazine (LOL)

To you guys out there, I will say to find a good Naija Woman, it takes a lot of effort

One thing for sure is this, you can’t find a good naija woman in a club PERIOD.

Most good naija women are on hiding somewhere online because trust me most of these women hardly go out ( they are homely)

A friend of mine got a girl online a while back at

I don’t know how it is but people still find good girls online

The best of all places to meet a cool naija girl is in a church

If you know of any good Naija Church around you, pay them a visit and open your eyes wide

Be friendly and if you happen to find a nice gal, just ask for her number politely.

Abi you want me toast am for you, sorry o oga na u sabi ooo

That is all for now

By the way people were asking me to write something about myself

Well, I prefer to be Lagbaja for now. May be after Lagbala reveals his face in April , I go show my own too

Have fun guys,

Lots of love from the Village of Miss.

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