Jokes of the day: The Nigerian Police Farce

On a lighter side, we call this The Nigerian Police Farce.

These silly people were caught fighting over Egunje around Ajegunle along Lagos-Abeokuta Express road. God have mercy?

Official reaction to the above brawl

The Nigerian Police Farce‘s attention has been attracted to the above pictures that were released in a few nigerian newspapers and so are getting published all over the web.

The photos display 2 or 3 public peace officers apparently involved in a dispute which happened at Ajegunle, along Lagos-Abeokuta express road.

In the above photos, the law enforcement officers were apparently involved in a fight, and dangling AK 47 riffles endangered the lives of countless commuters, jobless viewers, as well as other motorists.

In most cases the Nigerian Police wouldn’t react to newspaper articles which have not been officially brought to our attention, neither do we join issues with unprofessional journalists who don’t bother to check on their facts, however, we’re forced to set the records straight in this particular issue – simply because, since this story and photos were posted, there’s been an increase of “two-fighting” cases across the the nation.

What precisely transpired on that eventful day was that a Nollywood movie, “My boyfriend is a MOPOL, but I’m in love with a militant,” was been shot on location.

But because of restricted finances, the movie director decided to make use of a camera phone to shoot the scene that’s seen on the road.

Additionally in an effort to cut cost, the director didn’t use any waka-pass actors. This, in accordance with the movie producers, was deliberate, as they were trying something called method-acting, thus the semblance of reality to the scene.

We’ve within our control, the police clearance form, Lagos State use-of-road-for-shooting-film tax clearance, other relevant tax receipts and certificates, and LASTMA intent-to-shoot-film notice, for the home video movie.

The Nigerian Police Farce wishes to convey that its men and officers are extremely disciplined, and in the event that there is the need to quarrel over egunje, such would be done within the confines of a police station or mammy market, and moderated by the appropriate DPO, DCO or SPO.

We appreciate you for permitting us to use your website to convey this message to all faithful Nigerians.

Yours truly,
Police Inspector Innocent Jeun-koku
Egunje Central Station

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