How To Please Your Man in Bed

how to please your man in bedHey Ladies all we have been talking about today is News, News , News and More News lets get back to the real thing that makes relationship stronger.

To please your man in bed, you don’t have to be an amateur.

Below are the most powerful ways to please your man in bed

Do Not Be a Traditionalist When It Comes To Love Making

What do I mean by the term “Traditionalist”. Most women today believe in having their man do the hard job of being a missionary (on top position)every time they make love.

So next time you make love to your man, introduce some women power ( you know what I mean right?). Woman though shall be on the top

Oral Love Making is Not Bad

I know most women are very uncomfortable with Oral Love Making but its the very thing that will make your man wanna make love to you at all times. Infact if you do this really well(don’t worry perfection comes with time) you will hear him calling you names you’ve never been called before.

I hear someone saying what is oral lovemaking (You need to do some research on google, this blog will not approve me if I say it as it is)

Note: if oral sex contradicts your belief, do not perform it to ease your conscience

Make Pre-Love Making Romance Last

There is no big deal in making love rightaway anytime you are in the mood. If you want to have the very best of it, make sure you do a lot of cuddling, kissing,hugging etc before you get into the very core act.

Finally to make your man wants you more, make sure you do the following

Maintain a good weight ( if you have gained weight, do your best by shedding them)
Wear Sexy night wears ( you can get most of these romantic night wears on Amazon and Ebay at very good prices

 A sexually satisfied man, is an emotional stable man. Do not starve your man sexually

Make sure you introduce new styles of Love Making frequently to keep the romance burning (article by Victoria Adewoyin)

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