How To Please a Nigerian / African Man

How to please a Nigerian / African man is not a usual question you hear from women but with the latest trend of abuse and insatisfaction in relationships, most Nigerian Women are frustrated with their Naija men.

So if you are a Nigerian Woman reading this article please stay strong and read further to learn more

If you are a Nigerian man that is not giving your wife the required attention, please adjust accordingly if you want to please her.

To Please Your Nigerian Man follow these quick tips.

Note: Marriage didn’t come packaged with a guideline, its left for two adults to work it out

Make sure your Nigerian man really loves you. Men are weak at hiding emotion especially when it comes to passionate feeling. If a Nigerian man doesn’t feel connected to his wife, they tend to look out for something that can satisfy their passion. It takes a God-fearing man to stick to his wife even when he doesn’t feel that connected anymore.

So now that you have confirmed your man cares about you, make sure you dress well. I can’t say this enough, most Nigerian women today dress in a shabby manner especially after having kids. Remember men are attracted to sexy things (women,outfit,shapes,hairstyles,etc).

Make sure you dress well for your man, I don’t care whether you are 20 or 35 or 60, ensure you dress well. The question now is how can I dress well with all these pounds I have added ( May be that is why your man is not attracted to you anymore).

Maintain a good weight. Please Naija women, if you have gained a lot of weight since you got married to your sweetheart, there is a real chance your man might be interested in slim women aka lepa. So, go on a quick diet and shed the weight, keep fit .

Be romantic. To be honest, most Nigerian men are not romantic, so if your man is not romantic, show him some romance. Don’t let him be the first to come and kiss you, kiss him 24/7 especially when you are indoor (but keep in mind to give him some space too).

Be humble. Honestly, most Nigerian women have lost their culture, remember our culture commands respect. I don’t care if you are making twice than him. If your man feels a sense of respect from you, he will respect you in return.
So when last did you kneel down to greet your husband ?

If you have tried all your best and nothing seems working, I suggest you go for counseling

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