British Politician: Nigerian Men Marry More Wives Because They’re Lazy

Sept 28, 2011 – British Politician: Nigerian Men Marry More Wives Because They’re Lazy

Peer Flather statement sparks controversy. According to Peer’s Chronicle, Nigerian men marry many wives simply because they are lazy. Is she right? Read the detail gist below.

An English (British) Female Politician has found herself surrounded by disputes following a claim that Nigerian men marry 4 wives simply because they’re very lazy. Highly Controversial MP, Baroness Peer Flather recently caused an outrage after stating live on radio that Nigerian men have more than one wives because of laziness. While talking on the BBC Radio 5 breakfast show, the 77-year-old criticised a Nigerian caller who stated his father had 4 wives, but managed to live under the same roof without quarrels.

“Most of the men in Nigeria don’t do anything, their wives do all the work, that’s why they have so many, Nigerians have four wives – one to do the farming, one to look after the children, one to look after the man and one to do the housework. It is just a fact. Why should I lie?” she said

In past times, the former Conservative MP Peer Flather said that Asian families in Britain are having too many children in order to claim extra-welfare payments. BBC has distance themselves from Peer saying the comments she made on their show were “entirely her own”. Comment: Well let’s say her old age should be a point of concern. wpid pixel30 British Politician: Nigerian Men Marry More Wives Because Theyre Lazy She must be suffering from Oldagerism simply because marrying more than one wife whether you be Naija or Oyinbo doesn’t mean you are lazy PERIOD

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