Top 10 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Of All Time – Ronke Oshodi Oke On The List

Ronke Ojo & Hubby

Nov 1st, 2011 –  Top 10 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Of All Time – Ronke Oshodi Oke On The List

Nollywood Actress Ronke Ojo aka Ronke Oshodi Oke‘s marriage of few months to an Americana Second hand car dealer ended when he impregnates another woman.

Top 10 Shortest Celebrity Marriages Of All Time

Hollywood Celebrities are famous for getting married and getting divorced at a moment’s notice. Surprisingly, Kim Kardashian’s marriage isn’t  the shortest marriage of all time. Guess the shortest celebrity marriage of all time: 20 days ? 12 days? 24 hours?

Read on to see for yourself

Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley: 18 Months

Just after divorcing her first husband, Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson got married. This has got to be of the strangest relationships on the list. The two bonded during the molestation allegations against Jackson. She proved to be a positive influence in his life. She pushed him to settle out of court and to go to rehab for drug addiction. The marriage eventually ended because of Jackson’s drug addiction.

Jennifer Lopez & Chris Judd: 6 Months
This is J.Lo’s 2nd marriage right? Her first one to Ojani Noa didn’t even make it a year while this one only lasted 6 months. I guess this is what happens when you marry your back up dancer in a whirlwind romance. This is by far Jenny’s most forgettable marriage compared to Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony and her 2+ year relation with Puffy. The question is…what the hell is Chris Judd doing now? He married a woman named Kelly Wolfe in 2009…thanks Wikipedia.

Janet Jackson & James DeBarge: 4 Months
The pair got married secretly in 1984 when Janet was just 18 years old. The marriage only lasted four months and was an admitted mistake. I’m just going to chalk this up to young love and growing up the spotlight. The juicy twist to this is the rumored love child that these two had. You have no idea what I’m talking about? Just Google it.

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries: 72 Days
Kim Kardashian filed for divorce on Oct 31, 2011 which is only 72 days after her fairytale wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries.

Eddie Murphy & Tracey Edmonds: 2 Weeks
Eddie married Babyface’s ex in a ceremony off of Bora Bora on January 1st, 2008. The marriage only lasted two weeks though. When the couple split, conveniently they didn’t have to file for divorce because the marriage wasn’t legal in the first place.

Mario Lopez & Ali Landry: 2 Weeks
Mario Lopez and Ali Landry got married on the 24th of April, 2004. The couple filed for divorce only 14 days later because of Mario’s infidelities. Mario claims that he cheated on her days before the wedding. Props to Ali for getting out ASAP.

Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman: 9 Days
We had a sneaking suspicion that this wouldn’t last considering they were MWD (married-while-drunk). The model/actress married the flamboyant basketball player one drunken night in Las Vegas in 1998. Luckily for them, the marriage was invalidated because of their inebriated state. This wouldn’t Carmen’s first marriage that didn’t last. In 2003 the model/actress married musician Dave Navarro and the couple split in 2007. Perhaps the 3rd time will be the charm for Carmen?

Britney Spears & Jason Alexander: 55 Hours
This looks like the shortest marriage ever. These two childhood friends tied the knot in Las Vegas in January 2004. Brit quickly called it off siting that it was a “mistake.” He said it was fueled by drugs. She said it was a joke gone too far. Either way, this was definitely a sign of the troubles to come for the young pop star. After her later marriage to Kevin Federline came the shaved head and then a full on breakdown. Luckily, Brit seems to be doing ok these days.

Shortest Celebrity Marriage Of All Time

Robin Givens & Svetozar Marinkovic: 24 Hours

Finally we are here , I know you’re thinking Sveto-who? Model/actress Robin Givens did marry again after her tumultuous marriage to boxer Mike Tyson. In 1997 Robin married a tennis instructor named Svetozar Marinkovic. The pair separated the same day they got married and officially filed for divorce months later.

In conclusion, Celebs marry for fame and not for love.

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