Nollywood and Lesbianism

Lesbianism In Nollywood

Homosexuality is completely forbidden and illegal in West Africa but currently it has been revealed that lesbianism which is the female version of homosexuality has taken deep root in the Nigeria entertainment industry (NollyWood).

The act which many believe is alien to Africa culture has become so acceptable to those involved in it that they even flaunt their lesbian partner in the industry. Lesbianism which is an age-long practices historian says, dates from the early Greek society in 776480 B.C and was mainly attributed to Sappho, a poet who was considered a bisexual because she wrote love poems addressed to women and men.

The word lesbo, the narrator of many of her poems speaks of infatuations and love. Today, you now see top stars in the Nollywood comfortably practicing lesbianism as a lifestyle not minding the societal and tradition culture of man-woman relationship.

One inevitable fact is that lesbianism is now a business venture in the Nigeria entertainment industry(Nollywood), and married celebrities are not left out of this business and some of them who were into it before find it hard to let go of this habit even after settling down with a man. In addition, these mature lesbians celebrities are making use of their wealth and affluence to lure and then make love with young female and it is also true that some of these girls are pimped to politician and their wives of whom a healthy numbers are in same league as bi-sexual.

Young starlets are also embracing the lifestyle as a means of attaining stardom because nothing comes free; everything has a prize tag to it Nollywood. Hence aspiring actress have lovers in the industry that are elderly who they usually regard as mummy, and some of these lesbians are society entertainers, they are influential, they have been alleged to be the brain behind the promotion of lesbianism in Nollywood.

They fund social events, and of truth these lesbianic celebrities have money to spend, they are one’s corrupting some of these girls, they sponsor their young lover’s trip to United States and other part of the world. Lesbianism has really eaten deep into some Nigeria female celebrities that they are in desperate search for more females to initiate and one fact is lesbians too suffer from suspicion syndrome.

I have witnessed an incident where a top lesbian celebrity body was torn with razor in Port Harcourt by the people sent by her lesbian partner all because she had an affair with another celebrity. I do not know how the case was settled. Lesbianism in Nigeria entertainment industry (Nollywood) is terrible issue that needs to be checked.

According to one Lagos state based top actress but of River State Origin name withheld: in her own words she stressed that lesbianism is an act that eats deep into the flesh, that once you get into it, it would be a hard to let go, I was a lesbian and still I am. I became a lesbian because of the bad experience I got from men. you see men are cheats and they can never keep to one date at a time but when you have a lover as girl or woman, you are sure of fidelity and again, the issue of infection or disease do not arise and also you do not entertain the fear of pregnancy and in all you get full satisfaction. She continue; if not for the purpose of child bearing I do not think marriage would be a necessity but I tell you franking if I had the opportunity of being abroad I would have ended up marrying woman.

The truth is we all have the right to say out what we think and feel but I totally disagree with my pretty Port Harcourt born top actress reasons of being a lesbian. Fine! Men are cheating because naturally they are polygamous in nature. What ever names we might tag them (heart broker, deceivers, and liars) but we still have responsible men in Nigeria. Another thing is that lesbians do not last with one lover; they are more flirtatious than even a womanize, once they notice you as pretty and witty babe it ignite their admiration for you and may finally lure to bed if not very careful.

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